Superhero Childhood Session

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You guys, there’s a superhero on the loose… please keep an eye out! 

I will have to say that Childhood Sessions are probably my favorite sessions to do. They really capture the essence of a particular child at a particular age. Children all go through phases of great imagination and these sessions are designed to document these phases and add them to your collection of memories.

Sylvia knew her children were growing up way too fast and wanted to ‘freeze time’ so she could capture these moments before it was too late. And I knew exactly why and what she wanted when her son Neill came downstairs in his Spiderman suit while we were having a pre-session consult to discuss details of her children’s sessions.

Neill is one of the sweetest, kindest boys I’ve ever photographed and his love for superheros & crime fighters is true & sincere. I’m sure there are quite a few young boys out there that love superheroes so we included a few personal items to ensure that the session was unique and true to Neill.

I don’t think he was too excited when he was told he had to wear his school uniform but knowing that he had his favourite Superman tshirt & socks underneath made him feel better.  Neills favourite book is The Black Cat so we definitely had to incorporate into the session. And when I first met Neill I asked him what his favourite food was and he said macaroni & cheese… and because being a Superhero is hard work, we added to the session at the very end. Kind of like the cherry on top!

Thanks so much to Sylvia for trusting me to capture these moments and thanks to Neill for being such an awesome kiddo! Looking forward to seeing you guys again soon. 🙂

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