The Grasshopper & the Ants Mini Sessions // Child Photographer Pretoria

 In Children

When it comes to mini sessions, I’m constantly looking for new ideas, new themes and basically anything that hasn’t been done before. I had a picture of what I wanted for this session but I couldn’t quite pinpoint where this picture in my mind came from…but this grasshopper with a top hat was definitely what I wanted.

So I did an internet search and boom, The Grasshopper & the Ants fable popped up all over my screen! And it was exactly what I was looking for… I had obviously remembered the cartoon from when I was a child but just couldn’t put my finger on it…

I  had 14 kiddos who could also experience this childhood memory with me and as it turned out, almost all of them were learning to play a musical instrument! So it was great to be able to incorporate their own personal items into the session.

Thanks so much to all the moms that put an effort into their children’s outfits. Everyone looked great!


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