Coming Soon! – Cupids Arrow Mini Sessions

 In Children

Cupids Arrow is all about cupid, cupcakes, kisses, candy hearts and everything LOOVVEEE!!

Valentines day is just around the corner and these will make great gifts for mom, dad, grandparents and friends! There are only 6 spaces and will be booked on a first come first serve basis… don’t miss out!

Here are the details:

Location – The Hills Eco Estate (directions will be sent with your confirmation)

Pinterest Style Guide–  The full Pinterest Style Guide can be viewed here.

The colours for this session are burgundy, blush, rose gold, ivory/cream & gray. Try your best to stick with only the colours in the palette but if you are really struggling, you’re welcome to incorporate some denim jeans/shorts.

For girls, I would suggest anything girlie…dresses, rompers, etc. will be best. Try to incorporate some different textures/accessories/layers and don’t forget about your shoes!

The boys are pretty simple and casual…Try your best to incorporate some burgundy in the outfit… I would suggest either a burgundy pant/short with a grey or cream tshirt or even denim with burgundy suspenders. Or even some cute burgundy Converse shoes with gray pants or even denim and a tshirt. You could even throw in a bow tie!  And again, if you don’t go for a burgundy Converse, make sure you have some nice stylish shoes for them.

For those that have two children, please make sure your children coordinate together.

To make sure everyone looks their absolute best!, I like to ask everyone to please send some quick cell snaps of your outfits via SMS or What’s App by Friday, 19 January. That way, if we need to change anything, you will still have the weekend. 🙂

Availability – 

Saturday, 27 January

17h50 – 18h10

18h15 – 18h35

18h40 – 19h00

Sunday, 28 January

17h50 – 18h10

18h15 – 18h35

18h40 – 19h00


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