2018 Photo Junkie Packages!

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What the heck are Photo Junkie annual packages? First, let’s define the term Photo Junkie. A Junkie is essentially an Addict. And the term Addict is defined as someone that is addicted to to a particular substance. In this case, the particular substance is photos. And therefore a Photo Junkie is defined as someone who is addicted to photos.

If this sounds like you… keep reading….

If you’re not sure, keep reading…

So who should consider purchasing a Photo Junkie Annual Package?

  1. Moms that LOVE photos.
  2. Moms that have hectic schedules and would love to just get something on the calendar so you don’t have to worry about missing anything.
  3. Or Moms that have hectic schedules and like to plan their whole year out in advance and only have to worry about it once.
  4. Moms that want photos of their children throughout the year. And this goes for moms with children of all ages! Not just the young ones. Children grow amazingly fast at any age! I have first hand experience with this with all my repeat clients! Even 3 months makes a difference…
  5. Moms that want to broaden their children’s experiences. It’s not just about images! It’s also about your child and/or families experiences. KG Photography mini and family sessions are built around experiences. They are meant to be fun and fulfilling!
  6. Moms that like to save money!
  7. Moms that would like priority treatment. (I’ll explain below)

So how do Photo Junkie Packages work? And what’s included?

*Photo Junkie annual packages were initially set up for the moms that were coming to every mini session… I thought it would be nice to reward them for their continued support and hence the Photo Junkie packages came about.

*There are sessions packages and print credit packages and they are built on the ‘the-more-you-spend-the-more-you-save’ scenario. So you just need to choose how many sessions you would like and then determine your print credit. The print credit is for 2018 and can only be used on KG Photography prints & products, not session upgrades. And the best thing is that you get to determine what and when you want to spend it…!!

*Photo Junkie packages have to be booked and paid for by the end of 2017 but you are more than welcome to divide the payments up over the course of 3 months (Oct-Dec).

*Photo Junkie packages cannot be shared and are for the use of one family only. However, if you would like to gift one of your sessions to another child or family, you can do so one time.

*Once you are booked, you are guaranteed a space at each of the 2018 mini sessions. As you will see, each of the mini sessions can only be booked on or after the specified registration date. However, Photo Junkie Moms have priority booking and will be able to book their date and time 1 week earlier than everyone else. Huge bonus! Yes?!

*If you book a specific Photo Junkie package but decide you would like to upgrade your package for a specific mini session or sessions, you are more than welcome to do so and will just pay the difference when that mini session takes place.

*Delivery in the Pretoria area is included with your individual purchases that are over R 5000 only. For any purchases under R 5000, a delivery fee of R 250 (for Pretoria only) will be added to your invoices or you may opt to collect at the KG Photography home office. For deliveries outside of the Pretoria area will incur a R 4/km roundtrip. NOTE: If I am out & about, I am more than happy to meet and bring you your purchases as needed.


If anyone has any questions or would like to purchase, please CLICK HERE.

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